Opportunity to join Chestnut Hill Local board

When I came to Philadelphia 15 years ago, I was grateful to put down roots in this area. Not only is this a beautiful place to live, but it also feels like I am part of a real community. A big contributor to that feeling is the Chestnut Hill Local. The paper gives me the chance to know what’s going on, learn about my neighbors and participate in our community dialogue.

That’s why, when I saw a notice about open seats on the Local’s board two years ago, I reached out to learn more. Soon after, I joined the board, and since then, I have found the experience to be really fulfilling. I’ve had the chance to help recruit our new publisher, shape our strategy for growth and get to know other members of the community.

Today, we’re looking to bring on new members to our board once again. In particular, we’re looking for expertise in financial planning and analysis, journalism or digital media and marketing. If you’re interested in learning more, please reach out to me at ellen@chestnuthilllocal. com, or to our publisher, John Derr, at john@chestnuthilllocal.com

Ellen Badger
President, Chestnut Hill Local Board of Directors


Thanks for Abolition Hall reporting

Thank you for publishing the article “A village under attack – the fight to save Abolition Hall” [September 12].

I am a resident of Whitemarsh Township who lives three blocks from this proposed development and have attended many township meetings where it was discussed. Whitemarsh Township residents packed every meeting and spoke out overwhelmingly against this development for many reasons. Not only will it jeopardize the preservation of Abolition Hall, but it will negatively impact the quality of life of the surrounding community.

This development will be built at the intersection of Butler Pike and Germantown Avenue, which already has an “F” rating from PennDot, the worst rating you can get. This intersection frequently backs up several blocks long and wait times of six minutes or more at the traffic light are common. The builder has offered no plans to try to reduce the traffic impact, such as adding a turning lane or prohibiting left-hand turns against traffic out of the development.

In addition, the development will occur along a stretch of Butler Pike that will have been closed for two years due to sinkholes, and other nearby streets have also been closed for long periods of time due to sinkholes from new developments in that area. Plus, the property itself contains sinkholes and wetland areas. This developer has proposed removing many trees on the property, which will just exacerbate flooding that already occurs in the area and increase the risk of future sinkholes. To anyone thinking of buying a townhouse in this development, please do your research and be aware of the risks you are taking.

Elise Kaplan


We need to pay attention to climate change

Climate change is a huge problem, so I decided to email a local newspaper about it. Global warming is making a huge effect on not only the environment, e.g. the rapid decline of species of fauna and foliage, but it’s also affecting us. I fear that pollution and all that nasty stuff will lead to shorter life expectancies. There won’t really be a way to fix it in the future. That’s why we need to do it now. There isn’t really a way I can make a change, and that’s why I decided to email newspapers to raise awareness so people who can make a change will make a change.

Corbyn Wamsley
Penn Charter 8th grader
East Falls