Time for a dog park in Chestnut Hill

Regarding the problem of dogs off leash in Pastorius Park, perhaps some civic-minded individual or group could work to create a nice dog park somewhere in Chestnut Hill.

Dogs need to run for exercise, for fun and to learn socialization with people and other dogs. Dogs kept on leashes are actually more likely to exhibit aggressive behavior. The closest decent dog park is at Curtis Arboretum in Wyncote, so it would make life much easier for Chestnut Hill’s many dog owners to be able to take Fido for a run in their own neighborhood.

Jim Harris


Medicare for All can’t wait

Medicare is saving my life. Four months after I enrolled in Medicare, I was diagnosed with Stage 2 breast cancer.

Formerly, I was self-employed paying a private insurance company $900 in monthly premiums with $100 co-pays. My yearly cost was way over $11,000. I constantly pleaded with my insurer for needed procedures and specialists. With Medicare I pay very reasonable premiums, zero co-pays and I get no arguments.

Before starting my complicated cancer treatment, I got several second opinions. If I had to squabble about second opinions for Stage 2 breast cancer or denied care, it would have been agonizing and made me more ill.

Additionally, with Medicare I’m not dependent on my employer for healthcare. I have lower premiums, no co-pays and I get exceptional healthcare. That’s why I support Medicare for All. I’d happily pay a bit more in taxes to support Medicare For All. Research shows any taxes I’d pay for Medicare For All would be a reduction and I’d get more comprehensive benefits, no deductibles, no more worries about whether my doctor is “in network,” and no more medical bankruptcies.

Rep. Evans, Sens. Casey and Toomey, what are you waiting for? Support Medicare For All. Your constituents can’t wait until age 65 for excellent healthcare. Every American should have the opportunity to stay alive, just like me.

Claire Gawinowicz