CH United story ‘devoid of facts’

I just read the article by Sue Ann Rybak summarizing a recent visit by CH United Church members to the Sonoran Desert in Arizona [“CH United Church finds ‘shocking’ conditions on mission to the border,’ Aug. 22]. The article contained many assumptions devoid of facts.

United States immigration authorities are doing the best job they can under incredibly difficult conditions, due to the overwhelming crisis of illegal migration into our country’s southern border. Ms. Rybak wrote that, “Migrants move through a criminal system in-group hearings. Within a matter of hours, they can be arraigned and sentenced.”

That statement is inaccurate. No one is sentenced without due process.

I suggest that the CH United members’ next visit should be to Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Portland, where thousands of people live on the streets, which are littered with garbage, human waste, rats and discarded syringes. This crisis is the result of years of progressive political management and the creation of so-called “sanctuary cities” – which serve as a magnet for our current immigrant crisis.

David W. Banov
Mt. Airy