Keep divisive politics out of Chestnut Hill

While it was nice to hear that many of our neighbors stepped up to defend Night Kitchen owner Amy Edelman over the offense of baking cookies iced with the name of then-candidate Donald Trump during the 2016 presidential election, it’s sad that the defense consisted of attesting to Ms. Edelman’s progressive bona fides. Just a case of mistaken identity, folks – she’s not only not a Trump supporter, but, according to the article, she’s actually “quite offended to be called a Trump supporter.” Well thank goodness that’s cleared up. We can all go back to eating our ideologically approved baked goods.

Did no one question the Nextdoor poster’s premise that Trump supporters deserve to have their businesses destroyed? What if Ms. Edelman or another Hill business owner was indeed a supporter of Trump or held other unpopular political views? I hope at least a few of us would speak up to prevent the destruction of their reputation and livelihood.

Believe it or not Hillers, conservatives, Republicans and yes (gasp!) even Trump supporters walk among us, even here in our lovely progressive bubble, and they are as deserving of basic decency and respect as those with whom you agree. Spend your dollars where you like, but let’s not perpetuate the nastiness and divisiveness that is tearing our country apart here in our community.

Jennifer Livingston
Chestnut Hill