Night Kitchen boycott calls uncalled for

Someone didn’t like the way a cookie was decorated and therefore a bakery should be put out of business?

The problem is not that the target was wrong (Amy Edelman is not a Trump supporter) but that there is a political view that means that a business, a life, should be ruined. Trump derangement syndrome sure makes people do crazy things.

And yes, I think that some bakery during World War II with a sense of humor and a taste for marketing could have baked a cookie with a picture of Hitler with the slogan “take a bite out of Adolf.” Charlie Chaplin made an entire movie as a Hitler lookalike to point out what was wrong with Hitler.

I hope that the Night Kitchen will continue to do its straw polls before elections. It is fun and helps to sell cookies.

I also hope that the Local will publish the name of the person who tried to start the boycott. This person deserves to be publicly shamed.

Bob Rossman
Chestnut Hill

Editor’s note: While the forum Nextdoor, where the post calling for a boycott of Night Kitchen was made, is public, it is a limited social network in which membership is restricted by address. This makes it distinct from a social network like Twitter, which is fully public. For that reason, I don’t believe the expectation for posters on Nextdoor is that their statements might be picked up and quoted in the newspaper and attributed to them. For that reason, we will not identify posters on Nextdoor without their express permission.