Welcome to Chestnut Hill

Since you have only been here a few months, I am curious as to why you would be concerned about the names of our local streets [“Red Matters in Chestnut Hill,” July 4] Are you suggesting that the streets should not have been named after Indian tribes? Are you saying that this is politically incorrect? Where are you going with this “discussion?” Do you want to make the citizens of Chestnut Hill feel guilty about naming their streets after American Indian tribes with the end result that street names get changed? What a colossal waste of time.

I also noted that you took a cheap shot at the logo and signage of the Philadelphia Cricket Club. The Cricket Club was founded in 1854 and has a proud history. The club has a unique logo which includes a golf bag, a cricket paddle and a profile of an American Indian. Is this another example of political incorrectness to you? For the record I have been a member of the Philadelphia Cricket Club for 35 years and I think that you are way out of line in suggesting that this logo and/or signage is offensive.

There are many difficult issues facing communities such as Chestnut Hill, but I would rank Indian street names and the Cricket Club logo and signage at the bottom of the list.

Richard Stewart
Chestnut Hill


Dictators and military parades

Kim Jong Un, Xi Jinping, Vladimir Putin, Joseph Stalin and Adolph Hitler all love or loved a military parade. I find it interesting that our current President also loves a military parade but has little or no respect for the birth of our freedom found in the Declaration of Independence, which is celebrated every July 4th, and no respect for the Constitution that followed, both written here in Philadelphia.

Philip E. McGovern