Thanks for coverage

I just wanted to thank Sue Ann Rybak and the Chestnut Hill Local again for the article about my fundraising efforts for the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society (LLS) [“Baker Street manager on a mission to raise $50,000 to fight cancer,” May 2]. In a 10-week span, ending June 8, we raised $87,500, which surpassed our goal.

A research portfolio will be in my sister’s name thanks to the generous support I received from Chestnut Hill businesses and the greater community. After your article came out, I received a couple of notable donations that were in direct response to your article.

The most surprising of the donations was from a gentleman that lost his wife a decade earlier to blood cancer, and after reading the article came to Baker Street and wrote a $1,000 check on the spot after we briefly spoke in the cafe.

I came in second for the Eastern Pennsylvania women’s category, which is just simply amazing. Though I had hoped to win, if I had to come in second place, I came second to an amazing person (an oncology doctor at CHOP).

Chrissy Arico
Chestnut Hill


Choosing life for children

The pictures of children in the last issue of the Chestnut Hill Local (June 20) were a joy to see. I am glad the young explorers in Wissahickon Environmental Center, Garage in Mt. Airy and House at Pooh Corner are enjoying their time of learning. I remember my summer nature camps, vacation Bible school and sports. It was great to see all of the graduates pictured too.

Life is a miracle both before and after birth. I am so glad that Karen Driscoll wrote a beautiful letter, “Choose Life,” to the Local recently. I have learned that unborn children are just like us from an early time. The Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia and Cleveland Clinic websites give amazing detail of the first trimester in their prenatal development sections.

The child’s heart beats in the first month and the entire unborn child’s systems are totally formed and working in the first trimester. Even in these early phases, the unborn child is moving, with arms, hands, fingers, legs, feet, toes and even eyelids appearing.

Each day is a gift. Let’s “Choose Life” as Karen wrote. Pregnancy resource centers help the littlest of us and their mothers get started. We can support them and all of the wholesome activities that follow, helping others in the life God has given us.

David Bryant Morgan