Ramadan open house

The past few months have been horrific for religious believers. First, a mosque was attacked in New Zealand, then churches in Sri Lanka were bombed, then last week, a shooting struck a synagogue in California. If you look at the root cause of the attacks, it is because of intolerance and a fear of the unknown.

In light of this, we are hosting an Iftar Dinner where all are invited to join us and learn more about Islam. This will be held on May 18 at 7:15 p.m. at the Ahmadiyya Muslim Community, Bait-ul-Aafiyat Mosque 1215 W. Glenwood Ave. Philadelphia. RSVP at philly.mosque@ahmadiyya.us. Please give us the pleasure to host you and show you true Islamic hospitality.

Nameer Bhatti
Blue Bell Member,
Muslim Writers Guild of America


Vote for Kreidie

The 2020 presidential elections are around the corner and access to voting and fair elections could not be more critical. That is why it is important to pay attention to the upcoming primary election on May 21 and who we will choose as City Commissioners. The City Commissioner oversees elections and voting registration in Philadelphia. The Commissioners’ office is vital to our democracy, but has recently been mired by corruption and incompetence. But we can elect someone who will bring inclusive policies that assure that the most underserved have access to voting. That person is Marwan Kreidie,

Kreidie has a unique combination of government service as the former Chair of the Pennsylvania Civil Service Commission (appointed by then-Governor Ed Rendell) and extensive community experience with immigrant and marginalized populations.

As a first-generation American himself, he knows firsthand why every citizen’s vote must be free and protected. He has ideas that are new and inventive, such as connecting one’s library card or SEPTA Key card to voting registration forms and requiring that landlords provide new tenants with voter registration information. (See Marwan4Philly.com)

And he has the professional experience and skills to implement these initiatives. He also has the statewide network to lobby for any necessary state changes to make our election process more fair and accessible to all.

Political change involves voting in new leaders. Even now in the midst of his campaign, Kreidie is standing up for what is right to oppose the ill-advised and unduly expensive new voting machines that the current City Commissioners are pushing through notwithstanding opposition from City Controller Rebecca Rynhart, State Auditor General Eugene DePasqualle and local community organizations, including our 9th Ward Democratic Committee.

You get to vote for two City Commissioner candidates. I hope one of your choices will be for Marwan Kreidie.

Shoshana Bricklin
Chestnut Hill
Committeeperson, 9th Ward, 6th Division