8101 Crittenden St. has been fenced off in preparation for its demolition. (Photo by Pete Mazzaccaro)

by Peter Elliott and Pete Mazzaccaro

A developer based in Blue Bell has secured a permit to demolish a home at 8101 Crittenden St. and subdivide it into three lots. Neighbors who live near the home have voiced concerns by the news and are wondering what will happen next.

Helen Hunt, a resident who lives around the block from the home, a four-bedroom, two-and-a-half bath Cape Cod built in 1954, said she is concerned about the lack of information around the plans for the 18,000 square-foot property.

“I get concerned when a property that was accommodated for one house is made into three units because it brings a different look to the neighborhood and the community,” Hunt said. “If it was just being torn down and another single home would be built on the property, that would be a different story.”

Hunt says she and neighbors have contacted 8th District Councilperson Cindy Bass about the matter. Bass’ office confirmed the issuance of the permit and that everything appeared to be lawful. The property was not protected by historic designation.

Current zoning restricts the lots to single family dwellings, meaning duplexes or apartments would need a zoning variance the current developer does not have.

The developer of record, Brewerytown Homebuilders, LLC, is registered to the address of Chris Ventresca, the principal of a Chalfont-based company called Venco Building Group.

Anne McNiff, executive director of the Chestnut Hill Community Association, told the Local that she has been contacted by some neighbors who hope to meet with Ventresca to learn more about the developer’s plans, but that efforts to arrange that meeting have proven unsuccessful to date.

McNiff said an arborist who lives in the neighborhood identified at least three heritage trees on the property, which would require a special exception permit to remove.

“We still hope to arrange a meeting with the developer and neighbors,” McNiff said.

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