Grateful for coverage

I’m very grateful for Peter Elliott’s wonderfully well-written story about my labor of love, [“Chestnut Hiller’s hobby became online regional resource for Irish culture,” March 14].

I would be remiss were I not also to mention the contributions of my friend Lori Lander Murphy, a gifted writer, but also a talented interviewer for several of our recent videos and podcasts. Also, photographer Gwyneth MacArthur, who joined me along the Philadelphia St. Patrick’s Day parade route last week, and turned in dozens of great pics. Thanks again.

Jeff Meade
Chestnut Hill


Mention the musicians

Thank you for your outstanding review of the PA Ballet’s production of “Giselle!” [At Hill church, musical tribute to victim of Nazi barbarism,” published on] Of all the notices we received, yours is apparently the only one to mention the musicians. Live music is such an integral part of ballet and, sadly, an aspect that is disappearing. Critics such as yourself who mention our presence certainly help to champion the cause!

And the fact that it was positive makes it all the better.

Peter Stafford Wilson
Conductor of “Giselle” Musical


Bell at dream wedding

Your recent article about jazz flutist Walter Bell [“For whom our Bell tolls; for jazz lovers everywhere!” Dec. 18] was truly an insight into a very special jazz musician and person. We were blessed to have him perform at our wedding many years ago.

I loved his music, and one day I saw him walking in Chestnut Hill. I stopped him, we chatted and I asked him if he would perform at our wedding at our barn in Whitemarsh. He met my husband-to-be. He loved our love. Walter rearranged his schedule to create my dream.

He was a big hit at the wedding! Thank you for acknowledging a special guy in your impressive style! Keep on sharing your stories about the special people of the world!

Stephanie Abraham