Roz says her main New Year’s resolution is to be more like Captain, the Yorkie-Poo, seen here.

by Roz Warren

I recently treated myself to a full body massage. As my massage therapist began gently massaging my scalp, which felt absolutely wonderful, I suddenly realized something. This is what it feels like to be Captain!

Captain, the Yorkie-Poo I share with my sister, loves getting his head scratched. Now I know why: this felt incredible! So utterly relaxing. So ridiculously pleasant.

I could have happily gotten my own head scratched for hours, which is exactly how Captain feels about it. Captain, at just five fluffy pounds, is a lap dog who will receive a scalp massage to his tiny noggin endlessly. If your hand stops scratching his little head for more than a few seconds, he’ll poke at you gently with a paw until you resume.

Clearly, Captain knows how to live! In that moment, I decided that my resolution for 2019 would be to be more like my dog. So what exactly does this mean? I will seek out more massages and head rubs, that’s for sure, but it also means to relax!

I spend a lot of my time getting things done, whether it’s errands, housework or social obligations. Meanwhile, Captain is happily dozing the day away in a patch of sunlight. It’s not as if I’m about to stretch out on the floor in the sunshine myself, but I can spend less time being productive and more time napping on the sofa or relaxing with a good book.

• And WALK! Captain never turns down the opportunity for a ramble through the neighborhood. Dogs know that going out the door is always an exciting adventure. The world is full of cool things to see and hear and smell. Of course, the smells that the two of us enjoy are very different. But we both love being out and about. The take home for me? When you’re not relaxing — move!

• And ENJOY YOUR CHOW! Captain is always thrilled with dinner. He has never once felt guilty about eating anything. Of course, if given an opportunity, he’ll eat himself sick. So I don’t want to go overboard with this one. But to thoroughly enjoy every bite of my own dinner? I can do that.

• And PLAY! If Captain can’t interest one of us in a game of “Yorkie-poo in the middle” or “Which hand is holding the treat?” he’ll bat a piece of kibble across the room and then chase it down, just for the fun of it. I’ve accomplished a lot in my life. I am valued at my workplace. My writing is published everywhere, and my career as a writing coach has flourished. But how much time do I spend just unproductively goofing off? Not enough!

• And TREATS ARE GREAT! When you offer Captain a treat, he never turns it down with, “I don’t deserve this.” He grabs it, enjoys it thoroughly, then looks for more. Treats make life fun. However you define them, from freshly baked cookies to binge-watching Doctor Who, grab as many as you can.

• And APPRECIATE YOUR LOVED ONES! When I come in the door, Captain is always there to greet me, tail wagging. The clear message? “I’m thrilled that you’re here.” I can’t wag, but I can appreciate my loved ones and always make sure they know how much they mean to me.

• And LIVE IN THE MOMENT! Captain, at 12, is starting to head toward the end of his life span, just as I, at 64, am starting to head toward mine. The difference between us? He has no awareness of his own mortality and so never gives it a thought. Unlike Captain, I know I won’t last forever, but like my dog, I can choose to fully enjoy the moment rather than fret about the future.

• And LIFE IS TO ENJOY! Captain’s purpose is simple — to enjoy life and be a good dog. In 2019 I plan to get in touch with my inner Yorkie-poo. I will enjoy life and be a good person.

Wish me luck!

Local librarian Roz Warren is the author of “Our Bodies, Our Shelves: A Collection of Library Humor.