Michael Gallina (left) of Germantown won a new furnace from Dan Duffey (right), owner of DE Duffey & Sons, which ran an “ugliest furnace” contest. Gallina had the worst furnace of more than 50 entrants.

DE Duffey & Sons, a 120 year-old home heating oil and HVAC provider, announced that long-time Germantown resident Michael Gallina has won the company’s 2018 “Ugliest Boiler” Contest.

Gallina’s heating system was originally installed in the house when it was built in 1952, making it more than 65 years old. Gallina said his parents bought the lot in 1950, built their home in 1952, and he has lived there ever since. The system had needed replacement for some time, but the expense helped Gallina justify putting it off.

Instead, he said, he got in the habit of wearing heavy sweaters around the house and keeping the thermostat low.

He entered the contest and won over more than 50 other entrants. In December, Duffey’s presented replaced Gallina’s ancient boiler with a state-of-the-art Rheem high-efficiency furnace valued at approximately $10,000, on Dec. 27.

When he learned he had won the contest, Mr. Gallina was both thrilled and shocked.

“Even though I knew my furnace was an historic monster, I had my doubts,” he said. “I couldn’t be happier. This was an amazing Christmas gift and a great way to start off the new year.”