by Clark Groome

As is the tradition, longtime contributor Clark Groome has a holiday poem for us with a sports theme. Have a happy holiday!

As the 12 days are still a while away
So instead of that Christmas roundelay
Let’s get ready to celebrate the day
With wishes that are both cheery and gay.
The first gifts should all be very pretty
For Philly’s newest belovéd, Gritty.
We can’t forget about the Phanatic,
The Phillies big furry green lunatic.
We’ve got a pile of Galapagos coin
For the cool mascot’s best friend, Tom Burgoyne.
Because New Year’s Day is soon a-coming
We wish joy to all the Mummers strumming.
And, of course, musicians who are unique
For the Philly Orch and its boss Yanick.
We’d know so little about what’s going on
If it weren’t for the scribes who write it all down.
So let’s wish good reporting to those far and near,
Especially to Pete, Sue Ann and Len Lear.
For Lester Holt of NBC News
Many good stories to chase out the blues.
To CNN, PBS and the rest
Nothing but reporting that meets the test
Of truth and in all matters factual
Reports of nothing that’s not actual.
Our leaders in DC and in Philly
Deserve the gift of doing naught silly.
And safety and support for all who serve
Is the one true gift that they all deserve.
To turn to all of our local sports teams,
We wish them many years of fulfilled dreams.
The World Series, The Super Bowl, The Cup
And NBA Champs would lift our moods up.
These gifts to our town would reduce the pall
And bring joy and parades to one and all.
Many good years ahead to all our jocks
Who when at their best the city rocks.
Carson Wentz and Zach Ertz: TDs galore.
Aaron Nola: no hits, nor a ball four.
For Simmons, Embiid, Butler and Reddick:
Swish after swish would just do the trick.
For Wayne Simonds and Captain Claude Giroux:
Strong playing for the GM who’s brand new.
In every broadcast booth good voices for all
To help them be clear when they make the call.
J.J., Jonesy and Bill all have the knack
To brings games alive for the Orange and Black.
The Phillies are blessed with an octet of voices
Who give the fans multiple choices.
Hard to rhyme are the first-rate Sixers’ pair:
Abdelnaby and Zumoff – whew. So there!
The Birds have the dean as their on-air guy:
Merrill Reese who exudes “Fly, Eagles, Fly.”
Felicitations to all on the mike
Even when calling a game they don’t like.
Gentleness and civility to all
As winter follows on the heels of fall.
As this verse now comes near to its ending
May our world start its much-needed mending.
And finally to you all, readers dear:
May 2019 be a splendid year
Filled for you with much merriment and glee
And, perhaps, a partridge in a pear tree.