Tree Tenders committee leaders during the weekend tree planting (from left) Monica Hemmers, Susan Hauck, Jean McCoubrey, Mary Ann Boyer and Dan McCoubrey.

by Mary Pomichter

A crew of Chestnut Hill Tree Tenders braved the snowy weather this past Saturday, continuing their mission of replenishing the canopy of trees throughout Chestnut Hill.

As many local trees have been damaged or lost through age or accident, the tree tenders, with the support of the Chestnut Hill Community Association and the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society, have planted more than 100 young trees throughout Chestnut Hill over the past three years.

This past week, the group worked at three locations. East Highland Avenue was the first stop, where volunteers planted three trees for a grateful homeowner.

Next, the group moved across the avenue to Crefeld Street, where Richard Stein and Hilary Baum recently purchased a home in Chestnut Hill. They were thrilled to receive three trees to enhance the streetscape along their sidewalk.

“What a warm welcome to our new neighborhood!” exclaimed Hilary.

Finally, the Tree Tenders committee leaders completed the last of the morning’s planting at Springside Chestnut Hill Academy. Monica Hemmers, Susan Hauck, Jean McCoubrey, Mary Ann Boyer and Dan McCoubrey planted a lovely maple tree near the entrance to the school.

Now is a great time to plan for the spring. Homeowners who would like a free street tree are encouraged to contact the tree tenders. Applications for the spring planting are still being accepted through Friday, Nov. 30. Contact Monika Hemmers at 215-284-3772 or Jean McCoubrey at 215-913-9027 for more information.