Tearing down walls between the races

I am writing to thank Len Lear and the Chestnut Hill Local for the wonderful article about the Hear Our Voices program (“Acclaimed Germantown author wants to ‘Hear Our Voices,’” Nov. 8). I and my co-convener, Yvonne Thompson Friend, view the Nov. 10 event as just the first of our continuing conversations on race.

Our first focus question to people of color was this: “What is it that white people just don’t get about black people? What is it that they just don’t seem to understand about being Black in America?”

One lovely lady named Renee answered it this way: “We all want the same thing. We all want to be happy. We all want to live in peace. We all want our families and children to succeed. And our success does not take away from their success. It’s not necessary to try to systematically keep us down in order for them to succeed. We were all made to succeed. No one was made to be a failure.”

Although the human race has many differences which are visible to the eye, below that surface, that outward appearance, we truly are very much alike. As one contemporary Christian song says, “We all bleed the same.”

Please consider what your personal feelings are about our nation’s current race relations. Are things getting better? Are they getting worse? Is there a wall between us? And do we white Americans have any obligation/responsibility to tear it down? I personally think we do, and I am working on it, one stubborn brick at a time.

Delores Paulk


Thanks to ‘house tourists’

On Nov. 3, nearly 300 “tourists” came together in Chestnut Hill to enjoy, not only our beautiful community in all its Fall glory, but also to experience first-hand the inviting designs of six unique area kitchens. Awaiting for our tourists in each kitchen was a renowned area chef serving up delicious samplings from his/her restaurant menu.

Participants’ feedback has been amazingly positive and we’re already beginning to brainstorm about next year’s tour.

There are many people to thank for the success of this year’s event. We owe so much to the generous hospitality of our six homeowners who opened their homes and hearts to further our cause. To each chef, who donated time, talents and all that wonderful food, we extend our warmest gratitude. To our Presenting Sponsor, Chestnut Hill Hospital/Tower Health and all our other sponsors we are ever grateful for your generous support. Thank you to our “tourists” – we hope you enjoyed the day and that you’ll return year after year. And to the most engaged, enthusiastic, and organized group of volunteers EVER – we say Thank you…Thank you. It wouldn’t have happened without you.

The success of this event helps us fulfill our 45-year-old mission of bringing meals and friendship to those in our area who are in need of the services we provide. Many thanks to all who made it happen!

The Board and Staff of Chestnut Hill Meals on Wheels