Thanks for Harvest Kitchen Tour coverage

Thank you for the extensive coverage of Chestnut Hill Meals on Wheels’ upcoming Harvest Kitchen Tour (Saturday, Nov. 3rd) This fun event brings together six exquisite local kitchens, six stellar area chefs, and several hundred community residents in support of nutritious home-delivered meals for our elderly, disabled, and homebound neighbors.

There are some inaccuracies in Sue Ann’s article that we would like corrected. Most importantly, CHMOW fully subsidizes 40 percent of its meals, not the 25 percent mentioned in the article. Also, Pat Harrington is our former executive director and now serves on our board of Directors and as co-chair of the Harvest Kitchen Tour. Our current executive director is Lauri Barish.

Again, we are grateful for The Local’s kind article. Readers who are interested in attending the Harvest Kitchen Tour can still purchase tickets through our website –

Board of Directors
Chestnut Hill Meals on Wheels

An appreciation for Fresh Market

To Fresh Market CEO Larry Appell: I wanted to make you aware of just how much we appreciate your managers; Angie Bush, John Rotelli and Laura Spezaile, as well as all the professional staff working at The Fresh Market in Chestnut Hill.

Every Saturday two of us from 1854 Cares arrive at your Market. 1854 Cares is a charity that was hatched by three women at The Philadelphia Cricket Club as a way to give back to our special town. It has grown from three to almost 200 people, and we distribute food and essentials to the poor, the downtrodden, the sick and the homeless.

Your staff helps us to load our cars with fresh, healthy, nutritious, delectable food that would otherwise, be discarded. We transport all of it to the Whosoever Gospel Mission where it is properly refrigerated and distributed to these very deserving men. They live and eat there while repairing their lives and restoring their dignity with successful interviewing and employment.

It is so wonderful to treat this homeless population with dignity and respect. Your gourmet offerings, your high standards for excellence, your customer service and your generosity elevates you in this wonderful part of our city. We hope you are very proud of your company’s exceptional contributions and we are happy for you to know you are making a difference.

Linda Dudley Mutch
Chestnut Hill


As a proud American, I now view our country and society with much alarm. As an older citizen, I remember well that our parents and grandparents fought against the very ideas and deceptions spread by our President and his followers.

Search your history; it was our enemies that exalted nationalism that demanded extreme conformity at the cost of competition for ideas and a rational way to meet our future challenges.

Did not our enemies also pick on racial, ethnic and religious minorities and those that were suffering persecution and discrimination? Didn’t we see the same as an evil and violent threat to society?

Didn’t our parents, guardians and theologians stress a personal moral code that demanded truthfulness, honesty, royalty, compassion and respect for all human beings? To not would mean a person would lose their standing as a person of character not worthy of respect. Can we not recognize that our leadership has no idea that their conduct is a national disgrace and a threat to a rational and a thoughtful democracy?

I truly hope that our country will come to its senses. Peaceful protest and disagreement are vital to a free society. We also must recognize we are a pluralistic society that demands a government that unifies, not divides our people. I want our national institutions to lead based on true ethical standards.

Philip McGovern