The rehab center of Wyndmoor Hills in Wyndmoor PA. The facility is currently up for sale.

by Elizabeth Coady

The Wyndmoor Hills Health Care and Rehabilitation Center, overtaken by a court-appointed management company in May after its former owner was unable to meet its payroll, is stabilizing and will likely be placed up for sale in the next few months, according to the temporary manager.

The Wyndmoor Hills health Care campus, which includes the 77-bed Wyndmoor Hills Premier Subacute Center, the 103 apartments of Springfield Senior Living, and the Evergreen Adult Day Program, is currently being managed by the Long Hill Company of Shelton, Conn., a consulting company for long-term care, assisted living, and other senior communities.

The senior health care campus, based at 8601 Stenton Ave. in Wyndmoor, was among nine facilities surrendered in May to the Pennsylvania Department of Health after Skyline Healthcare notified authorities that it was unable to meet its payroll. The campus, which employs about 200 people, was one of nine facilities surrendered and placed in “receivership’’ by the state Department of Health.

Of the nine surrendered facilities, the Wyndmoor campus is the only one that remains unsold to a new owner.

Peter Von Mechow, a compliance specialist who is working at the Wyndmoor campus, said the three care facilities are stable and that residents and clients are being “well-cared for.’’

Stephen McShane, senior vice president for Long Hill who is overseeing the reorganization of the health care complex, said the company has put in operational changes that have and will continue to strengthen the facility.

He said the staff’s embrace of the changes and improved communications have left him “tickled.’’ The facility has ‘’flourished’’ and staff have embraced the “systems and processes’’ implemented to strengthen the campus, he said.

“I have been particularly impressed with the operation overall of the property,’’ he said. “It can be very challenging for the staff to go through changes really because of the fear of the unknown.’’

Currently the nursing care facility receives two out of five stars in Medicare’s ‘’nursing home compare’’ ranking system, though McShane, of Long Hill, points out that the data on which this ranking is based is dated. The ratings are based on health inspections, staffing and quality of resident care measures.’

On June 20, the facility was cited for being out of compliance on several state regulations, specifically for failing to:

•Implement a monthly review of residents’ drug regimen;

•Ensure “a safe and comfortable air temperature” throughout the facility;

•Implement and maintain an effective Quality Assurance program;

•Ensure food was stored, prepared, distributed, and served in accordance with professional standards for food service safety;

•Obtain a waiver for the requirement related to having a registered nurse on each shift as required by regulations;

•Ensure accurate documentation was maintained regarding resident’s wishes for resuscitation upon a life-threatening medical conditions for one of 18 residents reviewed;

•Complete a ‘’smoking assessment initially at the time of admission’’ for one of 18 residents reviewed;

•Individualize and update care plans to reflect current care;

•Ensure accurate and legible documentation was maintained regarding Physician Discharge Summary for three residents reviewed.

In every case, a plan of action was issued and documented. A subsequent inspection on Aug. 24 found the facility had rectified the cited issues and was fully in compliance, according to state records accessed here.

McShane said the facility would likely be ready to be offered for sale “within the couple coming months.’’

Long Hill is currently seeking market assessments of the property on which the three facilities operate, he said.

Long Hill is a consulting company that manages failing senior health care facilities placed in receivership by government agencies, as well as advising managers seeking to prevent such failures. In addition to the Wyndmoor Hills complex, currently it is managing 13 Midwest facilities in receivership