Not your grandad’s Chestnut Hill

I spent a long time at the Chestnut Hill Fall for the Arts fest on Sept. 30: Saw some old friends, made some new friends, and danced a whole lot. It’s crazy how much fun this event can be, especially with the rare good weather we had.

At one point, I saw a woman play-sword-fighting with a small child on the lawn, a disabled young woman dancing like the dickens, backed up by a man who dances there every year, and a man in a scarlet costume and a veteran’s cap dancing with his own wacky percussion instruments in front of the stage. The bands seemed totally okay with all the hubbub going on.

There were two of the biggest spotted Great Danes I have ever seen, and the smallest dog I have ever seen (who was absolutely fearless, both on the ground among all those moving feet, and even on the stage, where he stood poised and regal as the music pounded behind him).

I watched adults ogling babies and babies ogling big people. I chatted with wonderful volunteers for a variety of local charities and non profits. Not to forget the art, some of which was excellent. The diversity there was awesome, and the joy was contagious.

Chestnut Hill had a reputation for a long time for being prissy and white, but that is a far cry from the present reality.

Jenny French


Kim would be a Trump acolyte

I am compelled to reply to the letter by Sharon Reiss published in the Oct. 4 edition of the Local [“‘Delighted’ by Pearl Kim profile” ]. Regular readers of the Local recognize Ms. Reiss as a Trump/ Republican “true believer” who frequently shares her views.

I agree with Ms. Reiss lauding the success and accomplishments of the Kim family who immigrated here from Korea. I am especially empathetic because my parents immigrated from Germany and Austria in the 1930s and worked very diligently to significantly contribute to this wonderful country.

However, struggles to overcome great disadvantage cannot be a substitute for respect for, and adherence to, the underlying constitutional principles that make this country the greatest example of democracy in the world.

It is disingenuous to tout Kim’s political views as embracing anything other than the Trump “party line.” Her opponent, Mary Scanlon, (also an attorney as are Ms. Kim and Ms. Reiss), has spent many years devoting her superior intellect to volunteering her time and skill in seeking fairness under the law for women and children, for fairness in voting rights and voter registration, and for improved educational opportunities for all.

Bottom line is this: If you like what Trump is doing to curtail even legal immigration, to allow excessive pollution, to ignore Putin’s actions in Syria, to pull out of well-reasoned international treaties and to destroy alliances that have served the USA well for decades, then vote for Kim. If you want to restore the USA to its rightful place as the respected leader of the free world, so that the UN General Assembly will never again laugh at our President, then Mary Scanlon deserves your vote.

Richard Abraham