by Tracy Gardner

Despite severe winds and torrential rain from the freak storm on June 24, the trees of Pastorius Park suffered little damage.

This is no accident.

Each year the Friends of Pastorius Park consults with local arborists regarding the health of the park’s trees, and particularly the older legacy trees from the park’s original landscape design. As these trees age, they require more attention and careful trimming. This work will not be done by City PPR workers, who typically only remove the most dangerous downed limbs and trees.

Every autumn we request a menu with estimates for tree work at the park, prioritizing safety concerns and the trees’ health. Based on these considerations, FoPP chooses to finance as much tree work as possible, but this is expensive. There are often projects that really need to be done, like removing invasive plants and saplings, elevating limbs and clearing the sky of taller tree branches that are blocking the sun to the detriment of other trees, that FoPP simply can’t afford to do without generous and reliable community donations. Beyond this work, just to give a sense of the expense of maintaining the park’s trees, FoPP spends  $5,000 each year just treating Pastorius’ 100+ hemlock trees against destructive insects alone.

The trees are Pastorius Park’s most important assets. Please consider becoming a sustaining member of FoPP by making a yearly tax deductible donation to our all-volunteer, non-profit organization.

You can easily make a donation on our website:, and we prefer and encourage you to donate this way (to cut down on administrative work). Checks can still be sent to:

Friends of Pastorius Park
P.O. Box  27158
Market Square Station
Philadelphia, PA 19118

Your continued support is essential to our stewardship of Pastorius Park and much appreciated.

Tracy Gardner is president of Friends of Pastorius Park.