Through his struggle to rebuild his life, Jason Blau says he discovered the healing power of meditation.

by Elizabeth Coady

In late 2013, Jason Blau’s life as he knew it crashed and burned. In the span of six months, he got fired from his six-figure job and the neighbor with whom he had words about speeding sued him for harassment.

Today, Blau has a message for the former boss and neighbor: thank you and “namaste.”

Because, like so many endless stories that predate Blau’s and the endless more that will follow his own, it’s through loss that he found his true path, his authentic self. And through his struggle to rebuild his life, Blau discovered the healing power of meditation.

Now Blau has opened up his own meditation center, Sit Meditation Space in Lafayette Hill, to help others along their road to peace and healing.

“When I found meditation in late 2015, I fell in love,’’ said Blau, 38, who originally hails from Northeast Philadelphia. “It felt natural to me. It felt like coming home. It felt right. It’s home. I made a vow that I would replace the medication with meditation, and I practiced every single day for just a few minutes for 200 days straight.’’

The result, he said, were “significant changes in my life. I felt peaceful, content and happy.’’

The anxiety and depression that had tainted every aspect of his life have now receded. The previous headache job as a medical devices salesman is just a memory. The lawsuit filed by the neighbor was long ago dropped. And though Blau retains sadness about his marriage ending, he’s made peace with it, calling it “past karma burning off.”

Other than his daughter Lexie, 5, who is the absolute center of his life judging from the enthusiasm with which he speaks about her, Sit Meditation Space at 535 Germantown Pike is at the core of his recovery.

Blau opened the meditation center in May of 2017. Originally conceived as a “drop-in” meditation space, the center is evolving into a healing clinic where, in addition to meditation, customers can schedule therapeutic massages, Reiki healing, yoga and family meditation sessions.

But Blau is also branching out, offering free Meditation Mondays at Miles Park through the summer in collaboration with Whitemarsh Parks and Recreation. The sessions are from 6:30 to 7 p.m.

Blau, seen here with daughter Lexie, has opened up his own meditation center, Sit Meditation Space in Lafayette Hill, to help others along their road to peace and healing.

Jason is also bringing meditation to businesses for lunch-hour sessions. And he is also currently in discussion with local swim clubs and schools about offering sessions at their locations. He says he has been welcomed and supported by the community.

“My daughter goes to school here,’’ said Blau. “I love Lafayette Hill. It’s exactly what I’m looking for … It’s a great place to live. We love it. I feel a real sense of community. I feel like we belong here.’’

Located in 1,700 square feet, Sit Meditation Space “feels” good inside with the storefront’s glass front allowing light to spill in and the interior walls painted a soothing sky blue. Customers can help themselves to complimentary tea as well as a lending library of 70 books on meditation and healing. Crystals, incense and holistic products from The Prana House organic line based in West Chester are also available for sale.

More than 900 customers have visited the studio during its first year. And while he isn’t making the money he was pulling down in medical sales yet, Blau says he does not miss the money.

“I was making a tremendous amount of money, and now I eat peanut butter and jelly sandwiches,’’ Blau said. “The money was great, but I was losing my mind.’’

“This is for my daughter,’’ Blau said of his new endeavor and outlook. “so that she can grow up in a world where you just don’t need to go and get medication. Where you can lead with kindness and being grateful with everything in your life. Nothing is guaranteed. And not be so fixated on the money, the money the money. You can’t take the money with you.’’

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