4 year old Nyree Rowell of Chestnut Hill plays along on his toy trumpet with the Reverend Chris Quintet for their last song of the day, Tipitina, outside Campbell's Place.
Saffra Milano of Germantown exits with her tomato and pepper plant purchases from the Happy Cat Farm stall.
Katarina Kirby poses with Darwin inside the Piggyback Treats Company, "Sustainably Crafted Goodies for Pets." Piggyback is mounting a gofundme campaign to raise money for expensive surgery Darwin needs to walk again.
Liz Lynch of Chestnut Hill promotes her new children’s board book, “Pandas Love Pickles.”
Amica Mutual Insurance representatives from the Horsham office, Ray Alvarado and Ashana Driscol pose in front of a wall of colorful paper flowers constructed by "BackDroppers," a company which specializes in these backdrops.
Before the festival, LaTeisha Thomas, left, and Lisa Cherynyk, right, make flower crowns to benefit Christ Ascension Childcare. Women could be seen wearing these along the avenue during the day.
Melissa Coleman with a flower crown. The crowns were being made and sold by volunteers with Christ Ascension Childcare.
Joanna Yeiter of Richboro with daughter Karina, try to dodge a sudden rainshower.
Chris Mattingly of Backyard Eats.
Holly Layman (left) whose husband just opened the Artistic Eyewear store hands Wendy Studner a seed packet to announce the opening. The store can be seen in the background next to the Starbucks.
The "Amazing Jackson" Studner of Harry Potter Festival fame makes magic.

Weather mostly held up for the annual Home and Garden Festival in Chestnut Hill, Sunday May 20.

Chestnut Hill business District director Philip Dawson said tricky weather forecasting, including the postponement from the original date of May 6, made things “challenging”, but  he was pleased with the final result – attendance was good and the Avenue was busy.

“I have to give credit to our dedicated staff, who worked overtime to plan the event for the original date, and then managed the logistical challenge of moving the entire festival to the rain date,” he said. “Despite the change of date, we were pleased that over 90% of our registered vendors and businesses still came out, all of our scheduled bands performed, and festivalgoers were not deterred by the possibility of showers.”

(Photos by Brian Rudnick)