Wreckage on Cresheim Valley Drive

Many of us in Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill are understandably concerned about the abundance of dangerous potholes in our neighborhood. Driving around on local streets is much like competing in a demolition derby. I have lost count of the number of hub caps that I see on nearby streets.

Another, somewhat related, issue is the collection of mangled car parts that has accumulated on both sides of Cresheim Valley Drive, mostly between Cresheim Rd. and Lincoln Drive, a result of the near daily car accidents. I cringe every time I read a forecast calling for rain. I sometimes think that, if we wait a bit longer, there will be enough of them to build an entire car.

I have, on multiple occasions, reported this situation to philly311.org. This site is intended to be a vehicle (no pun intended) for concerned citizens to bring to the City’s attention issues that do not warrant a 911 call, but nevertheless, do require action by City employees. Potholes are one such example.

Unfortunately, my most recent effort to get this deplorable situation remedied has followed the same, consistent pattern. I submit a report, it gets assigned a Case#, I wait about 2 weeks, follow up, and get an email that says something like “Good news! The request has been dispatched to a work crew” (reason for optimism, right?). This is soon followed by another email (like the one I got today) that says “Case#_____ has been closed by the Streets Dept. Work has been completed.” The so-called closure occurs with absolutely nothing having been done to correct the problem.

Today, in response to a request to rate, on a scale of 0-10, the service provided by Philly311, I gave it a “0”. A copy of my email was sent to Cindy Bass on City Council.

I am hopeful that, by giving this problem a public forum, someone (Councilwoman Bass? Representative Rabb?) can get the job done.

Sharon M. Reiss
Mt. Airy


Money priorities for Philly schools?

If the Philadelphia schools stopped giving money to outside vendors, would it need the, yet another, tax increase proposed by the mayor?  I, in a group of parents, requested to see the school budget to review and then suggest things to cut. The SEC and Philadelphia Public Schools refuse to let anyone see it. It makes one wonder what is in it. Or worse, maybe it is so unbalanced with so many unknowns that they do not have a clue on what they are spending money.

Darlene Heep
Chestnut Hill


Sick of ‘Filthydelphia’

‘Filthydelphia’ is now a term used to refer to our city. Litter, trash, throughout center city and poor neighborhoods has become an eyesore. What about Chestnut Hill? How clean is our “village”? I suggest that an investigative reporter from the Local visit areas of the Upper, Middle, and Lower CH, and publish instances of litter, trash and uncared for properties. Incidents of uncivilized public comportment, in this case lack of consideration for neighbors – and lack of aesthetic sensitivity – may not be limited to center and poor areas of the city. Albeit unreported they may also be found in the “village” of educated professionals. And if that is the case efforts should be made to bring back the clean “village” we old timers once had.

Diamantino P. Machado
Chestnut Hill 


  • Tim

    reg. Filthydelphia, I wholeheartedly agree. When I was a kid, even if I had to walk 5 miles through 90 degree August heat… I would find a trashcan. In fact, as I am sure many can relate to having pockets full of candy wrappers because our parents taught us not to litter. Sadly, this is not the case anymore. I routinely see people just discard their soda cans, chip bags – even Chinese food containers where ever they feel like it.

    And the worst offenders… cigarettes. People… cigarette butts are trash.