An architect’s rendering of what two new houses that will soon be built on the 8000 block or Ardleigh Street.

by Brendan Sample

After acquiring the property in August, the Main Street Development Company is set to begin construction on two new houses on the lot at 8017-8019 Ardleigh St.

The company’s work has so far been focused on repurposing the existing garages on the lot, but the main project is currently underway, with the two houses set to occupy the addresses of 8017 and 8019 Ardleigh.

The two houses are set to be built at three floors each, containing six bedrooms, four-and-a-half bathrooms and occupying 5,553 square feet. Each house will also have parking space in the rear for two cars each, which will be provided by the existing garages on the lot.

Though there is no specific date currently set for when the houses will be finished, Main Street president Glenn Falso said he hopes to have them finished and on the housing market by late spring. The houses will certainly be a major addition to the existing lot, but Falso has not lost sight of a desire to ensure that existing structures would not be negatively affected.

“This is a beautiful neighborhood, and our most important goal was to keep everything structurally intact,” Falso said. “We are very excited to bring these two new fabulous homes to the market late spring.”

Construction was able to move forward after the Philadelphia Licenses and Inspections Department granted the necessary permits for the property. These permits were granted for both 8017 and 8019 Ardleigh, even though the Philadelphia Office of Property Assessment does not currently have any listing for 8019.

Despite this inconsistency, Chestnut Hill Development Review Facilitator Celeste Hardester confirmed that there have been deviations between L&I and OPA parcel numbers in the past, and so it is not unusual for something like that to be happening in this instance.

Because both homes are “of-right” construction by the zoning, they did not come before the CHCA’s zoning and planning committees.



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