Settlement School head will be missed

Ed. Note: Robert Capanna, the longtime executive director of Settlement Music School and a renowned composer, died Jan. 26 at the age of 65.

The Network for New Music community will greatly miss Bob Capanna’s presence in our lives. An active Network Advisory Board member, Bob was smart, kind, generous and very supportive of our organization, as well as of composers, musicians and music students in general.

Known mostly for his transformative leadership of the Settlement Music School and his important work in the world of music philanthropy, Bob was also known as an excellent composer. Network has commissioned and/or performed several of Bob’s works over the past years.

All of the invaluable contributions Bob Capanna made to the people and communities he so greatly affected will remain with us and continue to tangibly influence and aid us all in our work going forward.

We have created a page in memory of Bob here:

Linda Reichert
Network for New Music
Mt. Airy


‘Godot’ is the best  at Quintessence

My wife and I have attended a number of delightful productions by the Quintessence Theater Group in the years since they opened their doors in Mt. Airy.

Last night, we saw their new performance of “Waiting for Godot,” directed by Ken Marini and featuring Frank X, Johnnie Hobbs, Jr., J Hernandez and Gregory Isaac. I could use a number of superlatives to describe everything from set design to casting to the work by the actors, but Mr. Trump has rendered so many superlatives ineffective.

I will, however, say that this is possibly the best performance I have ever seen at Quintessence. Do not miss “Waiting for Godot!”

Marc Donahue
Chestnut Hill