Property addresses missing in story

I read with interest the front page article “LUPZ and DRC discuss Woodward property rezoning” in the Jan. 25 Local. I expected the addresses of the Woodward properties to be disclosed, but they were not.

And yet, the address of a homeowner intending to install a swimming pool was given, which, to me, seems like a violation of that resident’s privacy. I believe that neighbors of the eight Woodward properties, which are to be turned into 43 properties, deserve to have this information.

Linda Baldwin
Chestnut Hill


Thanks for arear’s ‘treecycling’ efforts

Green in Chestnut Hill (GrinCH)and Weavers Way Environmental Committee (WWEC) would like to thank Norwood Fontbonne Academy, Bartlett Tree Service, all of the volunteers and the wonderful citizens who brought their Christmas trees to be treecycled on Jan. 7.

The 100+ trees brought to Norwood Fontbonne were turned into chips and mulch instead of the methane producing landfill. Donations raised will fund the grant programs of Green In Chestnut Hill and Weavers Way Environmental Committee.

Amy Edelman  (GrinCH)
Sandra Folzer (WWEC)


Violet Oakley exhibit a masterpiece

I was blessed to have had my 90-year-young artist friend reach out to me to see “A Grand Vision: Violet Oakley and the American Renaissance” at the Woodmere Art Museum.

I regret not having gone sooner than last Friday because I would have liked to have done a return trip.

The exhibit was a masterpiece and moved me to tears.

Violet was an amazing woman, local to the area, and well ahead of her time.

I had the luxury of seeing Woodmere Director Bill Valerio on the way out and thanked him and even gave him a ‘free hug’ for all he does.

Thank you to all who made this exhibit come together. It moved me.

Barbara Sherf