Saddened by building demolition

Re: Evergreen Court Building … My late husband, Grover Washington  Jr. and I purchased the property at 8610 Evergreen Place. in 1982 to house the business of G.W. Jr. Music Inc. our publishing company and for all other business related to my husband’s profession as musician, producer, arranger, composer and recording artist.

It became inevitable that after my husband’s passing in 1999 at the young age of 56 that at some point in the future, in spite of my feelings and the musical history contained within its walls, I would have to sell the property.

That time came in 2015. It remained on the market for about 1 and  1/2 years and was purchased in late 2016. Although I’m not deluded enough to think otherwise, I knew the new owners would have other plans for the property. However, I never thought it through enough that I would live to see the entire building demolished. To say that I and my family are heartbroken is an understatement.

Just seeing how cold and impersonal the sale and demolition appears in a Local news piece makes me sad. I want everyone to know it wasn’t a choice I wanted to make, but at my age, needed to make. So many memories of our professional careers and personal lives are/were connected to that building. Those walls could tell so many stories. It’s interesting that when we first purchased the building, many of our neighbors and some Chestnut Hill residents were very wary to have, not only a musician, but an African American man who happened to be married to a white woman become their neighbors. I would like to think that in almost 35 years we became thought of not only as good neighbors, but played an appreciated and integral role in the community.

I will miss that building and all the memories I, my husband, my children, employees and the many musicians and other music professionals and friends have shared there. Time marches on …

Christine Washington
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Rescue not for weak of heart

BrendasCatRescue (BCR) has had another outstanding year of rescue because of the kindness and support of the Chestnut Hill Community, and it extends purrs of thanks to so many, especially to Len Lear and The Local, who publishes our photos and captions weekly.

During the past year, we have had some heart-wrenching rescues that required emergency surgeries, visits with specialists, amputations, surgery complications and very, very long-term care. BCR prides itself on being a rescue that gives each cat a chance at a future, no matter what sort of medical or financial challenges confront us. We view each cat as an individual who deserves a loving and rewarding life.

Rescue is not for the weak of heart. It takes courage and determination.  Please don’t assume someone else will help the animal in need that you see. We know that BCR can’t rescue all the animals,  but we can be a resource for how you can be a hero to an animal in need.

With winter upon us, outdoor animals need shelter, food and water. Please don’t ignore the “stray” you see and hope that someone else will help it. A phone call is not enough. Provide food, water and shelter. If you see animal cruelty, safely intervene and contact 1-866-601-7722 (SPCA) with a complaint.

BCR needs foster homes, volunteers to transport animals to vets, to socialize and to do miscellaneous tasks. We always need donations for food, medicine and vet bills. Let us hope for a world of compassion for all creatures in 2018.

Brenda Malinics