Karen Holloway, a.k.a. The Angel Lady, stands outside of Scoogi’s Classic Italian Restaurant in Flourtown, where she gives readings on Wednesday nights. More information at 215-233-1063 or www.healingangels.vpweb.com (Photo by Barbara Sherf)

By Barbara Sherf

Regulars at Scoogi’s Classic Italian Restaurant in Flourtown may be familiar with Karen Holloway, a.k.a. “The Angel Lady,” who provides angel readings that include an option to talk to those who have died. For the past four-and-a-half years on Wednesday nights she has been parking herself in a rear booth conducting the 20-minute sessions.

A Reiki Master, Holloway lives and works out of her studio in Lansdale, where she provides private sessions and messages from those who have died. Holloway’s journey began as a child growing up in Lansdale. Her parents were Quakers, and she was raised in the Religious Society of Friends. Early on she says she was obsessed with angels.

“Instead of asking for dolls for Christmas, I wanted angels. For Halloween, I dressed as an angel. From the ages of 3 to about 7, I had an imaginary playmate that I played with. She was a female angel,” said Holloway, who went to Indiana College of the University of Pennsylvania, where she received a degree to teach home economics. She did teach home economics but then struck out on her own.

“I taught for 10 years in the North Penn Schools, and then I went out on my own to pursue this path. The angels actually chose me,” she said, noting that along the way she met a fellow teacher, and they married.  “I have one child in Austin, Texas, who is my best friend.”

Trained as a journalist, I was a bit skeptical but had had several women come into my life recently who spoke highly of Holloway, and so I decided to see what it was all about. Typically booked weeks in advance, Holloway spent close to 30 minutes reading from the three angel cards I had selected. As I sat in the booth across from her, Holloway said there were eight angels hovering around me. I did not share that both my mother and father had died in the past two years.

“Your mom is already here just beyond your left shoulder,” she said. “She is a powerful presence, and she is coming through.” Chills went up and down my spine. Mom had a strong personality. Holloway told me my mother was very proud of me for getting a college education and putting my skills to good use. “She keeps saying you got two degrees, two degrees,” Holloway said.

At first, it didn’t make sense because I have a Bachelor’s degree, but then I thought about the fact that I had also gotten an Associates degree at community college and transferred the credits toward the Bachelor’s degree. So yes, I have two degrees, although on my resume I only list the Bachelor’s degree in journalism from Temple University.

Holloway said my mother was okay with decisions I had made all along the journey leading up to her death. Indeed, as Power of Attorney, I did have to make some tough calls at the end. The whole experience was on target with what was happening in my life now.

Jane Hulting of Elkins Park was up next. She came back to the bar wide-eyed to share her experience. “It seemed a good fit the things she was saying because they were things I was personally working on,” said Hulting. “What she said touched me and seemed to resonate with what I had gone there for.”

Joanne Mekis, of Chestnut Hill, has had a reading as well. “She was so sweet and so compelling with her messages to me. I absolutely believe she brings the angels forward,” Mekis said.

Holloway believes we all have angels surrounding us. “I am certain the Angels have messages for you which are of utmost importance. The readings are positive and done in a loving way. Many questions you have about something in your past, present or future will be answered in the words given to you by the Angels. “

Holloway can be reached at KWHolloway3@gmail.com or www.healingangels.vpweb.com. Flourtown resident Barbara Sherf tells the stories of businesses and individuals at www.communicationspro.com. Her e-mail is Barb@CommunicationsPro.com

Ed. Note: This article should not be construed as an endorsement by the Local. Obviously there are people who believe that certain individuals have the power to communicate with the dead and many who do not believe it is possible. Make up your own mind.