Marilyn Paucker greets attendees at the Chestnut Hill Community Association’s Holiday House Tour on Dec. 9. (Photo by Janet Gala)

by Pete Mazzaccaro

While day-long snow totals may have kept some from venturing from their homes on Saturday, organizers of the Chestnut Hill Community Association’s Holiday House Tour on Dec. 9 said they were pleased with both the attendance and the event.

“It was a fantastic tour,” said Holiday House Tour committee chair Helen Phillips. “I do believe the weather held some people back from the tour, but those tour-goers who braved the weather loved the snowy backdrop Mother Nature provided.”

According to CHCA staff more than 500 tickets were sold with more than 400 having been reserved before the day of event. It might not have approached the hoped-for totals, but Phillips said she was pleased with overall turnout and that it was a successful fundraiser for the CHCA. She said she was grateful for the Hill homeowners who turned over their homes to the CHCA for the tour.

“I can’t thank the homeowners, who graciously opened their homes to the community for the tour, enough,” Phillips said. “Many thanks to the committee who worked through months of planning, the volunteers who turn out year after year to make this all possible, the tour sponsors, the decorators and florists, and musicians, and everyone who worked on making this a great experience for the tour goers.”

Cathy Brzozowski, director of marketing and public relations for Chestnut Hill Hospital, one of the tour’s sponsors, said it was one of the best tours she’s attended.

“Congratulations to the committee who organized this year’s House Tour,” she said. “It was the best Chestnut Hill Holiday tour I’ve been to in years. The variety of homes was fabulous; hosts were gracious; and decorations were notable.”

Interior Decorator Michael Moeller, who decorated one of the homes on the House Tour was interviewed by CBS Philly’s Vittoria Woodill. (Photo by Janet Gala)

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