Thanks for turnout

I wanted to take this opportunity to thank my neighbors in Chestnut Hill, Mt. Airy, and Wyndmoor for their high voter participation in the election on November 7.

One of the concerns of statewide  candidates who run in this cycle is that turnout is low especially in Philadelphia, but that was not the case in this election. To see lines at the polls in our neighborhoods on a bad weather day gave me the confidence that I would be successful. And it was because of that higher than usual turnout and the your  overwhelmingly support for my candidacy that I was able to be elected to the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. I will be the only elected  member of this Court from Philadelphia and I appreciate your support in making this possible.

Judge Ellen Ceisler
Judge of the Commonwealth Court Elect, Mt. Airy


Editorial hits right note on change

Thank you for your well stated editorial about the difficulties of accepting change at all levels in our lives. [Local, Nov. 16]  “The only constant – is change!” You have reminded us all of the need to be open to new ideas and fresh beginnings. Progress is worthy of the effort.

Kathy Winter
Chestnut Hill