SRC’s brilliant legacy

It would be best to get our ducks in a row before any vote by anyone to end the School Reform Commission.

Have we ever had a wise, disciplined and rational method of selecting members of our previous school boards? Has our public education yet achieved the excellence and the value of the billions paid under either SRC or under the leadership of any previous school board?

I would like to propose the following to achieve that excellence for the students, first and foremost, and to achieve respect for and representation of those who pay the most in taxes toward our most incredible mission to educate the children of other families.

School board members should be representatives of those most aware of the high educational level needed for our graduates, i.e. the presidents of Penn, Drexel and Temple.

The board should have a member whose purpose is the improvement of the city such as the Chamber of Commerce.

Representatives of those who want graduates to be prepared for good jobs and to be accepted to competitive colleges, such as representatives of our top law firms, top design firms, foundations such as William Penn, and the big companies such as Comcast, Aramark and…Amazon?

The board must have members representing those who pay the largest amount of the school’s special tax on investment income.

A representative each of the Bar Association, Center City District and The Committee of Seventy, too.

These are people with an earnest and committed interest in excellent schools, in success for all the students and success for our city.

Before any vote to end SRC we need an agreement from the mayor and council to adhere to this selection method to assemble the best school board we have ever had in our city.

The legacy of SRC can be brilliant if they vote to disband only if our city government fully agrees, declares and promises to abide by this wise, disciplined and rational method of selecting a new school board.

Gardner A. Cadwalader
Chestnut Hill