by Brendan Sample

With the 2017 election in the books, the final results show that Chestnut Hill residents largely agreed with the outcomes of various city and state elections. Voters in the 9th Ward came out in support of Larry Krasner and Rebecca Rhynhart, who were elected District Attorney and City Controller, respectively, though local voters opposed a proposed amendment to the Pennsylvania Constitution that did pass.

Having secured the Democratic nominations in May, Krasner and Rhynhart both managed to lock down easy victories in the general election, which was in line with how the 9th Ward voted. Krasner, who lives in Chestnut Hill, got 78.71 percent of the ward vote compared to the 21.23 percent that his Republican competitor, Beth Grossman, received. It proved to be just a few percentage points higher than his overall result of 74.67 percent.

Rhynhart was able to gain an even larger margin of victory, securing 89.74 percent of the 9th Ward’s vote and 82.78 percent of the Philadelphia vote. This allowed her to have an easy victory over Michael Tomlinson, the Republican candidate, who only managed to get 10.26 percent of the local vote.

One of the ballot questions that was up for a vote concerned an amendment to the state constitution that would affect property taxes. With voters across Pennsylvania voting to pass it, state lawmakers will now be able to vote on whether or not to exempt certain properties from paying a property tax. While 73.44 percent of the 9th Ward voters who turned out voted against the measure, the proposal passed with 53.95 percent of the statewide vote. Though the Ward did not agree with the state, it was in line with the city vote, as 60.98 percent of Philadelphia voters came out against the question.

In other election results, Judge Ellen Ceisler, a Chestnut Hill resident, was elected to the position of Judge of the Commonwealth Court of Pennsylvania. Ceisler has served on the Philadelphia County Court of Common Pleas since 2007, and while the 9th Ward did vote to keep her in that position, she will ultimately be moving on to the Commonwealth Court. Along with fellow Democrat Irene Clark, Ceisler managed to secure 47.5 percent of the local vote compared to 43.27 percent of the vote in Philadelphia as a whole.

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