by Brendan Sample

In response to recent budget issues, Pennsylvania State Rep. Chris Rabb confirmed that he will be introducing a bill that would require executive and legislative leaders to hold daily public hearings in the event of a budget impasse.

This announcement comes in response to the House’s continued efforts to find funding for the spending plan it passed in late June.

The meetings in questions would occur if detailed revenue and spending bills for the upcoming fiscal year are not introduced by June 19. Each meeting would last a minimum of two hours in length and would require full participation from leaders such as the governor, state treasurer, secretary of revenue and the majority and minority leadership in both the House and Senate.

“It’s been six weeks after the House overwhelmingly passed a spending plan, and we still don’t know how we are going to pay for it,” Rabb explained. “We are only in the second month of the fiscal year and our schools and county agencies are already at risk of experiencing funding shortfalls.”

On Friday, Aug. 4, the state treasurer approved a $750 million line of credit extension for the Commonwealth, but this was not a satisfactory solution for Rabb. He emphasized his desire for Pennsylvanians to specifically see democracy in action and urged all relevant groups to come together and work for the common good of the state.

“This is not responsible budgeting, and it is certainly not how to run a government,” Rabb said. “Pennsylvanians send us to Harrisburg to pass a fair, balanced and on-time budget. If we aren’t doing that, then we need to go home. It’s time we do what the voters sent us to do.”

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