CHCA should support dog enclosure at Pastorius

After reading the article entitled “CHCA Board Hears City Plans for Leash Law Publicity and Enforcement” in the April 27 Chestnut Hill Local, I am quite frustrated and angry to hear that the CHCA has no interest in the dogs or their owners in Chestnut Hill. If they think for one minute that dog owners are unaware of the leash laws, they are foolish. We dog owners do not need signs, pamphlets or threats of enforcement.

What we need is two fenced areas in the park – one for small dogs and another for large dogs. There is plenty of space behind the pond, on a slope to the right as you enter the park from Hartwell Lane & Roanoke. Having an enclosed area to let dogs run and play freely would assure that other visitors to the park would not be threatened and that dog owners could exercise their dogs safely.

The only signs I would like to see would say, “If your dog is aggressive, please keep him/her on a leash.”

Most of the dogs I’ve met at Pastorius Park are delightful, as are their owners. They love to run and play with their friends, as their owners get acquainted and enjoy discussing dogs and other topics.

The article ended with a discussion of next year’s projected budget. I fully expected some mention of funds allocated for the fencing at Pastorius, but I was disappointed. I strongly urge the CHCA to make this a priority. One of the things that makes Chestnut Hill so special are the many dogs and their friendly people. Let’s take care of them!

Linda Baldwin
(and my dog Winnie)
Chestnut Hill


Takes issue with review

Regarding Clark Groome’s review of “Brighton Beach Memoirs” at the Act II Theater in Ambler that appeared in your May 25 issue, we saw the play a few nights ago and loved every minute of it! Actually, unlike Mr. Groome’s comments, Mary Elizabeth Scallen’s portrayal of Jerome’s mother was superb!

She was so forceful and poignant that after one of her last “speeches,” we felt like giving her a standing ovation! We did give the entire cast a standing ovation at the end, so to single her out as “flat’ or “mechanical” was a great disservice.

Barbara and Carole Lindner
Mt. Airy

  • Dog Poop

    Linda, like all other flippantly unaware dog owners who have opined on this topic in the past few months, you either are willfully oblivious to the fact (and/or fail to realize) that not everyone is comfortable with dogs off-leash running around the park, particularly little kids and even folks who just don’t really like dogs, and by default that makes the park unwelcoming to a large contingent of residents – perhaps that’s why keeping dogs on a leash is the law? It’s not just some suggestion as you advocate limiting the sign language to…but a city law that is currently being blatantly ignored by many. Anything less than banning (and enforcing against) off-leash dogs is both dangerous as well as unjust to the rest of us who pay taxes to maintain the place.

    As for your proposed dog park – please feel free to write a check to the CHCA to get the ball rolling to fund your fenced area. The rest of us don’t want to pay for a place for your dogs to run around in – that’s what a backyard is for, no?

    • Francis Pastorius

      Well said.

    • CH

      Amen to that.