A woman (lower left) can be seen on a Robertson’s security video stuffing items into a plastic shopping bag. She left the store without paying for what she had taken.

by Brendan Sample

For the second time since February, a well-dressed, elderly woman has been caught on camera shoplifting from Robertson’s Flowers on Germantown Avenue.

Security footage shows the woman walking around the store and putting a number of items into a large shopping bag before walking out with the unpaid merchandise, which has been valued at $500. Both incidents occurred on a Tuesday, and the woman appeared to be unaware of the fact that there were multiple security cameras in the store.

While the police work on trying to find the woman in question, employees of the store will be keeping a watchful eye out for any signs of potential stealing to avoid further incidents like this.

Police are looking for help to identify this woman wanted for stealing $500 worth of merchandise from Robertson’s.

“We have to try to watch if someone comes in with a bag from a store that’s not in the area, as she brought in one from Bed Bath & Beyond,” said Sandy MacEachern, one of the owners of Robertson’s. “It’s also important for us to move around the store more. There are a lot of barriers, which is why we have the cameras in the first place.”

Though the woman’s appearance may make this case of shoplifting seem unexpected, Robertson’s has not reacted to these incidents any differently than it would any other case of stealing.

“Any type of theft is shocking,” MacEachern said. “This is the first one we’ve seen on tape, although I’m sure that it’s not necessarily the first time it’s ever occurred here. We’re just shocked to see it happen.”

As of the writing of this article, police have yet to find the woman in question and are still investigating the incidents. Since filing the initial report with police, Robertson’s has yet to hear anything else from them as well.