Angered by efforts to dismiss dog leash laws

Regarding the latest article on dogs at Pastorius Park (“Area dog owners weigh in on leash laws at Pastorius,” March 9), I am angered by the effort to minimize the injuries suffered by those bitten and the cavalier attitude expressed by those breaking the law.

Regrettably, [Brendan] Sample’s reporting was inaccurate. Caroline King did suffer serious injuries. In addition to being bit on the arm and the scars that remain, she was also bitten on the face with one of the attacking dog’s teeth piercing her cheek completely through and into her mouth. In addition, she suffered eight deep, painful intramuscular rabies vaccine injections.

And then there’s the fear she has anytime an unknown and unleashed dog approaches. Such occasions remind  her of having been bitten on her face. But by all means, Eric Hanson, “Brian” and every other dog owner who chooses to ignore the leash law should continue to do so.

The rest of us who seek to enjoy the park (and who, I might add, are not calling for dogs to be banned altogether) should gladly welcome your selfish, indulgent and irresponsible behavior. Who cares if your fellow human beings have suffered real and serious injuries and that you put others, children included, at risk?

What’s more important is that “dogs can run free.”

Of course I am being sarcastic to make my point. But I also want to emphasize what’s important here. Civilized society functions when we all follow the rules. In Chestnut Hill we live in an urban area with numerous other residents and visitors. So that we can all enjoy our outdoor environment, sound public policy dictates that dogs be leashed at all times.  Why?  Because no one can guarantee that their dog (an animal) will not bite another dog or a human. That’s why Caroline and I keep our dog leashed when away from our home.

All we seek is that our fellow dog owners act responsibly and do the same. Please, follow the law so that we can all enjoy the park and avoid others being hurt. And for those of us that follow the law, let’s make a point of calling out those who do not. The time for silence and giving law breakers a pass is over.


Adrian R. King, Jr.
Chestnut Hill


Consideration must be made for dog enclosure

I am hoping to encourage an open mind about creating an enclosed area within Pastorius Park where people can take their dogs to run and play safely without endangering other park visitors or themselves (dogs and people).

For years we took our dogs there from Mt. Airy because we do not have an enclosed dog park.  However our current dog, Annie is not good at ‘recall’ and cannot be trusted to stay within the park boundaries; and yes, I am aware of the usually unenforced dog laws requiring dogs to be leashed in public spaces. I have seen uncontrolled dogs leave the park at the risk of their lives in street traffic and nervously watched until they were rescued and steered back into the park.

Thankfully, for the last two years we have been a member of the enclosed Roxborough Dog Park on Mitchell street, a short drive from our Mt. Airy home.

I want to add my plea for the creation of a safe fenced space in Pastorius Park. There could possibly be a small membership fee for regular users which would provide some funds for upkeep. Surely the gains for the community would outweigh the objection of the loss of the ‘perfect park’ aesthetic.

Until then, I recommend trying the Roxborough Dog Park, (with its well-followed rules) a member-run, happy place for dogs and owners alike.

Elaine Frank
Mt. Airy


Bass a ‘true light’

Councilwoman Cindy Bass, who represents the 8th District, which includes Chestnut Hill and Mt. Airy, is a true light that shines out of the darkness of extreme self interest of our present administration.

Perhaps you’ve noticed the litter and trash bags lining Cresheim Valley Drive between Germantown and Stenton Avenues (hard to miss).

I called the Pennsylvania Department of Transportation, Parks and Recreation and 311. Each one passed the buck; 311 gave me reference numbers but never did the cleanup. I emailed Cindy Bass, and her response was, “I’ll get right on it.” And on it she got!

Within two days the entire drive was cleaned up and a pleasure to drive through.

Thank you, Cindy, for being there for you constituents.

Judy Rubin
Mt. Airy