Climate concerns for SEPTA

Those of us concerned about climate change should note there is an important piece of climate politics in our own backyard.  SEPTA, which has made laudable sustainability efforts, has succumbed to natural gas industry pressure and proposes to build a natural gas power plant in nearby Nicetown.

The stated purpose is to provide backup electrical power during grid outages, but there is no evidence such outages have been a real problem.  Meanwhile, the plant would add to air pollution (when 30 percent of children in that area suffer from asthma), increase hazards resulting from additional gas pipelines the gas industry is seeking to build, and be a step backward from the needed commitment to sharply reduce fossil fuel use.  A number of cities such as San Diego have already committed to going to 100 percent renewable electricity.

Our Councilwoman Cindy Bass is in a key position to block zoning permits for this proposed plant.  If you are concerned about climate change, it’s a great opportunity to ask her to take leadership in getting SEPTA, and the city, to be forward-looking and commit to a clean energy future that will protect future generations from devastating climate disruption.

Judy Morgan

Chestnut Hill Local quality

Whenever the Chestnut Hill Local arrives, I immediately flip through the pages to see if there’s one by Elise Seyfried or Stacia Friedman.  Thank you for having such high quality writing in the paper.  News articles are important, but we need reflection on the rhythms of everyday life also.

Emilie C. Harting
Mt. Airy