Chestnut Hill Conservancy’s new logo.

by Pete Mazzaccaro

The Chestnut Hill Historical society has a new name. At the preservation organization’s Annual Meeting on Jan. 8, the Chestnut Hill Historical Society announced the change of its name to the Chestnut Hill Conservancy.

“This change follows 50 years of work, and quite a bit of discussion by the Board on the name,” said board chair Randy Williams. “For the next 50 years, the Conservancy is poised to protect Chestnut Hill’s charm and historic character as inevitable growth and development is proposed.”

Williams said that the name change announcement is the first of many things the organization has planned for 2017 – it’s 50th year. The name change, the board feels, better reflects the organization’s work in Chestnut Hill and surrounding communities around preservation and conservation.

“We created this organization in 1967 to protect and celebrate the treasures that define Chestnut Hill,” said current board member and original co-founder Shirley Hanson. “I reflect on its work over the last 50 years with great pride and gratitude, and am delighted that the Chestnut Hill Conservancy now carries a name that represents it truly broad mission.”

In a release announcing the name change, the organization said its three core goals remain the same:

“To preserve Chestnut Hill architecture and balance beneficial development with protection of significant resources; to maintain the Chestnut Hill and Wissahickon Archives and provide for the discovery and care of community heritage; and to conserve land, protect the Wissahickon watershed, and maintain the area’s uniquely green character as the nation’s first urban accredited land trust.”

“During its 50-year history, the Chestnut Hill Conservancy and Historical Society has protected over 100 acres of open space and dozens of buildings, placed over 10,000 archival images online, and welcomed thousands of participants in our many tours, lectures, and other events that celebrate the community’s treasures,” said Executive Director Lori Salganicoff in a statement. “The name change highlights the organization’s unique approach to this work through the consistent integration of land conservation and architecture preservation advocacy, and the maintenance of the area’s archives.”

For the time being, the organization will continue to use the name “Chestnut Hill Conservancy and Historical Society” to, as it said in a release, “underscore the organization’s continued dedication to all of its core goals of preserving architecture, conserving open space, and maintaining the Chestnut Hill and Wissahickon Archives.”

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