A big thanks to cat lovers

Brendascatrescue (BCR) sends purrs of thanks to so many wonderful supporters who helped us rescue 148 cats and kittens in 2016. Thank you to the adopters, to the businesses who host our cats for adoption and allow our collection canisters in their stores, to those who donated money, food and supplies (as a 501c3, we survive on donations), and especially to Len Lear and The Local for publishing our photos and stories weekly.

There is still so much work to do and still too many animals suffering in the streets. With winter upon us, outdoor animals need shelter, food and water to survive. Please don’t ignore a stray or injured animal or assume that someone else will help. Please be proactive.

We can’t rescue all the cats that we are asked to because we are a small rescue with limited foster homes and volunteers, but we can be a resource for how YOU can help. Sterilization of all cats (and dogs) is critical. Please check out our web site: Brendascatrescue.com and our Facebook page: Facebook.com/brendascatrescue.

We need more adoptions, especially for our adult cats, foster and recovery homes, volunteers and, of course, donations. To report animal cruelty, call


Let’s hope that 2017 finds the world a less violent and more kind place for all creatures. Happy New(ter) Year.

Brenda Malinics