Molly Mullee and the tree dedicated to her.

Molly Mullee and the tree dedicated to her.

by Lizzie Stricklin

While walking down Germantown Avenue, one may spot the young tree planted last year outside the Chestnut Hill Cat Clinic. One of the many trees that have been planted around the Fresh Market next door, it has recently been dedicated to Chestnut Hill resident Molly Mullee.

Mullee grew up at 8220 Germantown Avenue, now home to the Chestnut Hill Cat Clinic. The dedication was chosen due to Mullee’s connection to 8220 Germantown Avenue and her invaluable presence in the Chestnut Hill community, as she has been a lifelong resident and has seen the neighborhood grow and change since the 1940s.

Mullee often speaks about her memories of growing up and living in Chestnut Hill: experiencing her brothers leave for war, both to the Pacific and to Europe, and working in the family’s horse stables out back.

The dedication beneath the tree reads, “Molly Donnelly Mullee[,] Lifelong on ‘The Hill.’” She was very touched by this honor, saying how proud her parents would have been. Spirited and always full of stories, Mullee’s valued presence in Chestnut Hill keeps the community connected its rich past, and the Cat Clinic is excited to give her this recognition.

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