Dr. Stephen L. Druggan

Dr. Stephen L. Druggan

As summer edges toward a close, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy is welcoming a bold new change to its faculty in preparation for the 2016-17 school year, bringing global education to the core of the SCH curriculum.

On September 16, Springside Chestnut Hill Academy will celebrate the induction of its new head of school, Dr. Stephen L. Druggan, with a convocation ceremony involving the whole Springside Chestnut Hill community. Having arrived on July 5, Druggan fills the position held previously by Dr. Priscilla Sands, who stepped down in 2015, and interim head of school Mark Segar.

Druggan brings a new, global perspective to SCH, having taught in many countries around the world, including Germany and, most recently, Indonesia. As the deputy head of Indonesia’s Jakarta International School, Druggan oversaw one of the most culturally diverse schools in Asia, with over 2,500 students. This work earned him a reputation for being an international leader in contemporary education, catching the attention of Springside Chestnut Hill Academy.

This global viewpoint will be a change of pace for SCH, as Druggan is the first head of school to have such an international background. This experience, paired with his leadership abilities and success in developing strong school communities, made him the ideal candidate for this position.

“It became increasingly clear that we had found a leader with the skill, passion, and experience to lead SCH into the future with great strength,” said Dick Hayne, chair of the SCH Academy board of trustees.

Hailing from western Philadelphia, Druggan returns to his roots to take on this new experience and provide a more global, international education for SCH students.

“SCH is a remarkable institution built on an incredible collective history,” Druggan said. “I am so pleased to join this remarkable community and look forward to working together to write the next exciting chapter in the school’s history.”

  • BioGuy

    SCH is really lucky to have scored such a great new Head of School! Having worked under Steve for the last several years I can tell you that he was highly respected by the entire staff and school community at Jakarta International School! He brings an amazing combination of knowledge, compassion, approachability and backbone… he was the go-to guy in our administration… if it was on Steve’s plate… he got the job done! Best wishes on his newest challenge!