Thank you to Parks and Recreation

Neighbors have begun to see changes at the Water Tower Recreation Center.

On July 10, a crew from Parks and Recreation began to tackle the grounds. They removed the plywood apparatus from the skateboard park. A great start! They bagged and stacked debris along the fence. We take this as a positive sign and look forward to their return. I would also like to thank Tom Dignam.

Another big thank you to Bruce, the Water Tower’s maintenance man. Your hard work was overshadowed by this article and we want you to know we appreciate your hard work!

Thank you!

Ann Hartzell

Ardleigh Street

Money Talks

I read with interest the opinion piece by Stan Cutler published in the July 7 edition of the Local [“Money shows clout in history of primaries”].

I certainly agree that the amounts of money being spent by presidential candidates in the primaries by both parties have risen exponentially since 1960.

What I found fascinating is that he mentioned Jeb Bush four times and Donald Trump 10 times. Not once did he mention “Hillary Clinton.”

It might interest readers to learn that, as of June 27, 10 of Hillary Clinton’s Super PAC’s have raised a total of $314,118,075. By comparison Jeb Bush raised $38 million before he dropped out, according to Mr. Cutler.

Donald Trump, as most people are aware, had no Super PAC financing during the primaries. Whatever money he spent was his own.

Sharon Reiss

Mt. Airy