Justin West

Justin West

by MegAnne Liebsch

The Pennsylvania-based business What a Crock Meals to Go is opening a location in the Chestnut Hill Market at the Fareway, on Thursday, June 9.

What a Crock Meals offers fresh, gourmet crockpot meals crafted daily by professional chefs. The meals are sold prepared, so that busy customers can still enjoy homemade, fresh and healthy food without the time-consuming hassle of cooking.

Their menu is a mix of traditional American comfort meals and ethnically inspired dishes. They offer dishes with beef, pork, chicken and vegetarian options, as well as soups, sides and desserts. Customer favorites include their pulled pork, New Orleans braised beef, chicken pot pie stew, veggie white bean chili and their sriracha taco dip.

What a Crock is family owned and operated by Justin and Brieanna West. The idea for the business came from their desire to cook healthy and homemade meals despite their busy lives. Several years ago, the Wests began preparing meals on Sundays due to their hectic weekday schedules. They froze the prepared meals, so they could be made quickly in a crockpot throughout the week.

As family and friends began to ask West to make frozen meals for them, the Wests realized they could make a profitable business out of their healthy, frozen crockpot meals. Now the Wests have locations in Brookhaven and Garnet Valley, with the third location opening in Chestnut Hill this week.

“Our product suits the demographic in Chestnut Hill perfectly,” said Justin West.

West believes that What a Crock Meals will meet the needs of the active and busy lifestyles of Chestnut Hill residents. The meals come prepared in frozen bags, so all customers have to do is put the meal in their crockpots and let them cook all day in order to enjoy a home-cooked meal. The Wests hope that What a Crock will encourage families to gather around the dinner table to eat a wholesome meal, while also saving people time to do the things they consider most important.

“The goal of the company is the same goal for us,” West explained.

He and his wife wanted to eat healthy food and enjoy it as a family, despite their hectic schedules. “The solution we offer is a home-cooked meal with none of the work.”

What a Crock Meals is located in the Market at the Fareway, 8229 Germantown Ave.

For more information or to see their menu, go to www.whatacrockmeals.com.

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