by Jason Huber
Executive Director, Teenagers Inc.

Twenty years is a long time. Twenty years is a milestone. A tradition. A generation. An honor. And, twenty years is also a standard. A foundation. A potential legacy.

Teenagers Inc is well on its way.  Like all twenty somethings, it is gearing up for the road ahead eager to embark on new territory while respecting its traditions and its past, yet still following its heart. Traditionally, we have three major fundraisers to do the heavy lifting and support local programming like the Ghost Walk, Friday Nights, and service opportunities for tweens and teens. Our international service trip to Guatemala is in its eighth year. In eight years, we have built close to 40 homes, fed 100s of babies and families, and donated close to 10,000 pounds of medical supplies, school supplies and clothes to communities in need.

This year we are building our circle, our community, stronger. Teenagers Inc is honoring its tradition of service, fun and recreation for teens by building a sustainable ecosystem of local service led by teens for teens. A circle, a sustainable system, that engages the teen community to seamlessly enter the stream and be a contributor. Teens are empowered to create programs to give back to our local community Chestnut Hill and larger community Philadelphia and surrounding suburbs. Teens will witness the poverty that ranks Philadelphia as  one of the highest in the country while inviting neighbors to take part in creating solutions to the poverty or simply inviting teens to play together. Be one together. Be friends.

It is because of neighbors, parents and friends like you that we are able to continue our traditional projects while closing the loop and building systems to sustain the next twenty years.

This May consider making a donation. Your donation can…

Keep the Inc Spot open every Friday for a month – $160

Create a microloan to kick start a teen’s fundraiser, service project, or workshop –  $100

Bring two teens in from a neighborhood school to participate in leadership training –  $75

Sponsor a 50 pound bag to go to Guatemala and provide medical or school supplies –  $50

Provide tokens and snacks for students coming after school to hang out in a safe place –  $25

As we formalize our teen board, expand our membership through outreach, add internships, employ teens, double our community service, nurture our personal relationships and business partnerships, and create super awesome events and workshops, we aim to be a place where teens are free to be.

Your donation becomes part of the incredible history of Teenagers Inc 2.0 as we walk the path into the future.

To donate online, visit

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