The Penzeys Spices shop at 8528 Germantown Ave. that closed on March 20.

The Penzeys Spices shop at 8528 Germantown Ave. that closed on March 20.

by Joseph Persichetti

Penzeys Spices, at 8528 Germantown Ave, has closed as of Sunday, March 20. In a letter sent to the Local, the company explained its decision:

“We are looking for a slightly larger spot in the greater area. Hopefully one that is just as convenient or maybe even more … We’ve found over the years that trendy and exclusive locations don’t work well for us.”

While Penzeys believes that Chestnut Hill is too exclusive an area, Martha Sharkey, executive director of the Chestnut Hill Business District, believes that the area is exactly the opposite.

“Chestnut Hill continues to be a vibrant and welcoming destination for residents, visitors, and businesses alike,” she said. “We have welcomed over a dozen new businesses since 2014, with more to come in 2016. In addition, the Chestnut Hill Business District and our members work closely to create promotional campaigns, events and programming that attract visitors and shoppers to the retail corridor throughout the year.

“Penzeys Spices has been a wonderful part of our business community for a number of years. Although we were surprised to learn of their closing, we wish them the best of luck and success in their future endeavors. Our dedicated Retail Recruiter is actively working to welcome a new business into the storefront at this time.”

In the meantime, Penzeys is suggesting two alternatives that can be used in lieu of its Chestnut Hill spot: its store at 111 S. Independence Mall East in the Bourse building, which can be accessed by taking the Market Street Line, and its online website ( Its hours are Monday to Saturday from 10-6, and Sunday from 11 to-5. Penzey’s customers who have suggestions for a new location, email Penzeys at

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  • Liz

    I was shocked when I saw the empty Chestnut Hill Philadelphia pensy’s spice store. I never saw a sign on the door saying they were closing . I loved this store a lot and bought several things there plus gift cards for birthdays and Christmas. I am sorry they made the decision to close this location . I don’t know why they need a bigger space. I thought the building was big enough for all there spices. I wish them luck in finding a big enough place.


      I was shocked, I brought all my spices from Penzeys. Your customers should of been informed, I was in the store during the early part of March shopping for Easter spices for my dinner,nothing said. Back to Reading Terminal Spice Shop. Really the Bousre building !

  • Thomas Kilcoyne

    My wife and I enjoyed shopping at Penzeys when in the area to visit our grown children. The shop was quaint and very well stocked. We hope they reopen within a few miles of their closed store.

  • LimTorpy

    You can get better spices online from and at better prices.

  • David Hill

    What a strange reason to close this location. Every time I came in, it was busy. I have a feeling there’s another reason, but I guess we’ll never know. There’s another Pensey’s at the KOP Mall.