Thanks for 50-year reunion with friend

I want to thank the Local and writer Fred Gusoff for the terrific full-page cover story on my long lost friend, John Sappington (“Mt. Airy art therapist brushing up for life memoir,” Oct. 8)! We were friends at Tyler School of Art in the mid 1960s and have not seen each other for 50 years!

Well, thanks to the Chestnut Hill Local, we had a reunion at my home where we talked non-stop for hours, laughed, hugged and bonded! We both have remarkable stories about our illustrious lives, stories that are hard to share with most people because they are all pretty unbelievable! Not so with John. He is all ears and very open to hear anything and everything I have to say.

And I feel the same about him. And plus the art work hanging all over my home that he loved, loved, loved (children’s art, my art and friends’ art). And the stories behind each piece. And then to gush about opera with my opera-singing husband! I loved John’s art work with the Local article and can’t wait to see more.

Thanks from the bottom of my heart to the Local for a remarkable day and giving me back my friend. I am ever grateful!!!

Alice Farber


‘Grateful and proud to be an American’

I was so glad to see the article about Hue van Tran in the Local today (“Hill Vietnamese ‘Mayor’ a saint to those in need,” Oct. 15). This man is so humble and so generous. His family is the biggest argument in favor of immigration and against the stupidity of Donald Trump and other Republican candidates who have tried to demonize immigrants.

I have never met a person who is so grateful and proud to be an American. This country opened its arms to him and his family, and he has never stopped giving back. He is by no means a rich man, but he has helped so many people and as always tried to shy away from taking credit.

You will never meet a nicer family than Mr. Tran and his wife and children. I applaud the Local for bringing these wonderful people to the attention of the public. If we had a lot more people like them, this would be a much better country.

Delores Jansen

Lafayette Hill

King’s Garden fans

I was delighted to see Judy Rubin’s article about King’s Garden.

We have dined there since it opened. Each time we introduce friends to the place, they are amazed when the check arrives. They find it difficult to believe how little it costs to enjoy such good food in such an attractive, friendly restaurant.

I would add to Judy’s review that the Spring Rolls at King’s are the best that I have had anywhere.

A unique aspect for us is the fact that when my wife started following a very low sodium diet, people told us that meant we would have to avoid Chinese food. Fortunately, that is not true at King’s Garden. On request, they created very low sodium (and very tasty) versions of several of our favorite dishes.

Michael R. Frumer

Chestnut Hill


In regards to Stacia Friedman’s insipid satirical article on Republican candidate Ben Carson, “ Carson: ‘Life begins at Happy Hour, not at conception’” You DO realize that Dumocrats will believe what she wrote!

Kate Ferry