by Pete Mazzaccaro

The Chestnut Hill Community Association board, at a special meeting on Monday Sept. 14, unanimously adopted a recommendation to put a massive organizational change before its membership next month.

The recommendation is to split the Chestnut Hill Community Association from the Chestnut Hill Local and to adopt a new set of bylaws for both organizations, with the association becoming a 501(c)(3).

The change has been several years in the making. In the last year, the association has filed for and been approved as a Pennsylvania 501(c)(3). The Local will continue to occupy the association’s current corporation, which is a Delaware nonprofit. Part of the board’s decision Monday night was also to adopt a new set of bylaws for the Local. The Local will have its own board with members selected by the CHCA board.

The reason for the move to a 501(c)(3) is to allow the association expanded opportunities to raise funds and apply for grants.

The next step for the association will be to hold a special meeting of the CHCA membership on Thursday, Oct. 22. Members will vote on whether or not to accept the board’s recommendation to adopt the new bylaws and divided corporate structure.

In the next week, the Local will publish details of the bylaw changes. A black-line list of changes to the entire text will be made available online for members to examine.

Also, the board decided on Monday night to make a ballot available for members in the paper and online, extending to anyone interested the opportunity to cast a vote.

Will Detweiler, CHCA board president, was pleased that the long process had finally resulted in a consensus to move forward.

“This is a tribute to everybody, particularly those who worked so long,” he said.

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