Griping up the wrong tree

Regarding Raymond Culver’s August 27 Letter to the Editor – “Dumbing Down of America”:

So, he really doesn’t like football. OK, we’re clear on that. So, don’t watch. For sports reporting – when it comes to that portion of the broadcast – switch to another channel, like I do.

The well-known adage, “If it bleeds, it leads” can be literal or figurative and it’s why we see Brady stories and reports of crimes by players rank as headliners. But, unless someone is a major polling company like Gallup or a super-hacker, they have no idea what most people watch or like. And unless they’re head of Mensa, they have no clue on general population intelligence or education.

Really, a letter to the editor of a local newspaper is barking up the wrong tree. Contact the programming directors of ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN or whomever to voice an opinion. Doing that may actually get results.

Judy Sloss