It’s hard to believe that summer is almost over. We were reminded of that fact last week as the last of the Local’s three interns left for school after what was a remarkably productive summer. Those interns were:

Angela Sanders, a Conshohocken resident and Mount Saint Joseph grad who has returned to Penn State,

Kira Bellis, a Springfield Township resident and Springfield Township High School grad who left for to begin her freshman year at the University of Vermont, and

Si Affron, a former Chestnut Hill resident (now in Center City) who will begin his senior year at Germantown Friends School as the editor-in-chief of the school’s quarterly news magazine: The Earthquake.

Angela, Si and Kira constituted what may have been the most productive core of summer interns the Local has ever had. Each researched and pitched his or her own stories. Each wrote and researched multiple stories a week and turned in great copy.

From Kira’s explainer about the leftover architectural remains of the Stotesbury Estate in Wyndmoor to Angela’s interview with two Sisters of Saint Joseph, recalling how they entered the convent, to Si’s embedded report on the Anderson Monarch’s baseball tour – each made an impact at the paper that I know was appreciated by our readers. I thank each of them for the great jobs they did this summer.

In addition to thanking the interns themselves, we also owe a thank you to the Chestnut Hill Community Fund and the family of Anna Fisher Clark. Si and Kira worked here as part of the Ana Fisher Clark Memorial Internship. That internship provides a small stipend to the interns who both underwent a short interview and were among eight candidates for the position.

Anna Fisher Clark, for whom the internship is named, was active in politics and community affairs. Her community activities included serving as volunteer director of Bird In Hand, the consignment shop that benefits physical improvements in Chestnut Hill. The internship is given by Mrs. Clark’s husband, Dr. Thomas Clark, and her children. Money for the internship is part of the Chestnut Hill Community Fund.

In recent years, we’ve changed the internship program to focus specifically on younger, high-school-aged students interested in journalism. And we’ve found that there are remarkably talented kids in our local schools, even those younger than 17.

We’re sad to see Angela, Si and Kira go – and especially sad to be without their contributions – but we’re hoping each will return from time to time with an article. Si could be back soon as a sports reporter for the Local this fall. We’re keeping our fingers crossed.

Thanks again, guys, for a great summer and good luck in the future.

— Pete Mazzaccaro

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