The Mucho Bueno taco truck.

The Mucho Bueno taco truck.

by Siobhan Gleason

Just like the rest of Philadelphia, Weavers Way Co-op loves food trucks.

This summer Zsa’s Ice Cream and Mucho Bueno have been vending together at Weaver’s Way in Chestnut Hill and Mt. Airy on alternating Thursday nights. Their event is called “Chillin’ and Truckin.”

Danielle Jowdy of Zsa’s Ice Cream says vending in Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill through Weavers Way has been just as popular as vending downtown, if not more popular.

Weavers Way and Zsa’s already had a special partnership: Zsa’s ice cream products are sold at Weavers Way. It only made sense to come to Weavers Way with Mucho Bueno as a part of the Chillin’ and Truckin’ event.

Last summer Zsa’s and Mucho Bueno came to Weavers Way twice a month during the summer. People kept asking when they would return, so they decided to change the schedule to once a week this summer.

Jowdy has noticed that events are some of the best times for her to sell her ice cream. Lunch hour is not an especially lucrative time for Zsa’s, but night events are great. Farmers markets, night markets and specialty events are some of the best places to find Zsa’s.

Zsa’s is also heavily involved with co-ops across the city and in the suburbs such as Mariposa Co-op and Swarthmore Co-op. Jowdy sees selling ice cream to co-ops and markets as a great way to sell classic flavors while changing the menu with seasonal flavors and new ideas.

Selling their products to coops and markets also fosters relationships with the surrounding community. As a resident of Chestnut Hill, Jowdy cares about being part of the Northwest and the city at large.

Patrick Baudoin-Rea, of Mucho Bueno, is also involved with Weavers Way. He and his wife are members of the co-op. They started off vending at Weavers Way events throughout the year and were encouraged to be a part of the Chillin’ and Truckin’ event.

At the event, Mucho Bueno does not need to pay a fee to vend, but Baudoin-Rea makes sure to give back to the community.

Baudoin-Rea describes Mt. Airy and Chestnut Hill as neighborhoods with a “community feel,” full of people who appreciate good food and local business. He and Danielle Jowdy feel they have gotten to know regulars to the Chillin’ and Truckin’ event as well as various other events through out the year.

Both Mucho Bueno and Zsa’s Ice cream owners agree that vending side by side helps their food trucks. For Mucho Bueno, a dessert truck helps draw hungry customers looking for full meal. It also helps that both Mucho Bueno and Zsa’s have the same mission: selling locally sourced, community-oriented food.

Both Jowdy and Baudoin-Rea plan to return to Weavers Way next summer, so if you missed them this year, you still have a chance to enjoy their food when June rolls around. If you can’t wait that long, keep your eyes out for both trucks. They plan to participate in various events and nearby farmers markets throughout the year.

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