WEB - PC Stadium 2

With the fall pre-season practices getting underway, Penn Charter athletes are returning to campus to get their first glimpse of a major upgrade to one of their outdoor athletic facilities. The school has installed a second artificial turf field, removing the grass from its football stadium and replacing it with A-Turf’s Titan® synthetic surface.

PC is also expanding the track surrounding the gridiron from six to eight lanes, utilizing a material called Benyon® 1000 that is known for its combination of durability and shock-absorbing qualities.

John Thiel, Director of Athletics and Athletic Planning, commented “It’s been a great summer for us. In a 10-week period, we have been able to begin and complete installation of a multipurpose field that will have a tremendous positive impact on PC athletes.”

Part of the new look for the facility will come from the relocation of the “home” section of bleachers and the announcer’s booth to the opposite side of the field. Photos depict the installation of one of the strips of artificial turf, and the raising of the goalposts at the northern end of the field.  Tom Utescher

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